About us

Representing New Zealand’s underwriting agencies.

Inspired by the Underwriting Agencies Council in Australia, the New Zealand Underwriting Agencies Council has been founded as a standalone representative organisation with the purpose of influencing New Zealand-specific legislation on the horizon.

We aim to present a professional, representative industry body that will authentically represent its members’ interests within the wider insurance industry. We’re here to introduce a diversity of markets and products to the New Zealand market and become a viable and respected New Zealand centric organisation.

We will promote our presence and the role of Underwriting Agents to regulators, and work to gain their support. 

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Where to from here?

As an organisation we’ll monitor, and where necessary, develop positions on insurance regulation, as well as engage in matters that affect the wellbeing of the underwriting agency industry.

The NZUAC’s ultimate objective is to actively improve and protect the underwriting agency industry through a united front.

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We seek to:

  • Represent underwriting agencies in discussions and/or negotiations with legislative or government bodies
  • Promote underwriting agencies as an economically efficient means of insurance distribution
  • Promote the views, interests, and arguments of underwriting agencies to all relevant bodies, organisations, groups, interests, and/or media
  • Set guidelines to assist members in ensuring the stability, security, and reputation of their individual businesses
  • Encourage members’ professional development through training and education programs
  • Liaise with other professional associations and spark dialogue in the community.

Through meeting the above objectives, NZUAC will affirm and sustain its membership’s position at the forefront of the New Zealand insurance industry.
New Zealand Underwriting Agencies Council Inc represents strength in numbers.

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